[1] Eudaimonic Daze

Sunday, January 1, 2017

I read my horoscope today and it prophesied a year of success (yes I really said that and yes I really read those things). Let’s hope it’s true. Here’s my ten:

  1. “Youth” as the perfect excuse for unintended consequences.
  2. Black tights.
  3. That breakup story that is so incredibly tragic in the most romantic way, you can’t help but keep it close to your soul.
  4. The DreamWorks moon.
  5. Quantum physics enabled time travel (see also: Michael Crichton).
  6. Mauve lipstick.
  7. Realizing that the reason I love getting dressed up in the morning is because it is the one creative thing I can do every day.
  8. Old friends: they come back and show so much compassion.
  9. Roses from the Shaw’s supermarket guy.
  10. The indescribable tonic of a chapter not yet written.

Cheers. AAS.

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