[2] Pride

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Even just planning my road trip to the west coast has been the most freeing thing. Here’s my ten:

  1. Realizing that a being a woman unafraid to travel solo is admirable, and I’m kind of confused as to why it makes other people proud of me.
  2. Working on cooking and food photography.
  3. Pink lipstick.
  4. Boxing/Yoga/Cardio
  5. “Time is the only thing that waits for no one” – Quotes from my IT helpdesk guy. Thanks Victor.
  6. I get bored really easily.
  7. Broken clavicles.
  8. Audio books.
  9. People are neither 100% good nor 100% bad, but 100% are a little selfish, myself included.
  10. Letting things fade is ok. Time will bring them back, or not (re: La La Land).

Cheers. AAS.

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